About Us

Teams Tucson & Yuma

Pictured Top Right: Tucson staff Left to Right Yosiline Martinez, Janet Fuhriman, Megan La duke, Lindsey Klingenberg, Suzy Deiga,  Not pictured:  Karen wunder
Pictured Bottom Left: Yuma staff Left to Right Fernanda Rodriguez, Angela Figueroa, Leticia Rodriguez, Patricia Quiroz, Edgar Coronado

PSA Art Awakenings’ Artistic Behavioral Health Specialists and art therapists use the creative process of making art to improve and enhance mental and emotional well-being. They help youth develop interpersonal and coping skills, resolve conflict, manage stressors and behaviors, improve self-esteem, social interaction, self-awareness and achieve insight. The staff work with youth, their families, parents/guardians, and other stakeholders to improve the overall behavioral health of youth and families.