What to Expect


Your child will have an introductory intake session with family, parent/guardian and other stakeholders present. An individual session with an ABHS will follow within two weeks of enrollment.

Within the first month of enrollment: A follow-up family session with youth,
parent/guardian and other stakeholders will take place to discuss goals and answer questions; follow-up family for child evaluation will occur at the end of the second month; and celebration at completion of program is offered for all participants. Art shows featuring the work of participating artists will occur in April during Autism Awareness Month in both Tucson and Yuma.

Parents/Caregivers will be required to complete a program’s questionnaire.

Prior to beginning the program, parents of enrolled participants will complete the Vineland-III and SSIS to measure adaptive
and social skills.

Psychosocial/Annual Assessment
Complete with ICD-10 Diagnosis, BHP signature and dated within last 12 months.

Current Service Plan
Complete with BHP signature, dated within last 12 months, after Assessment Date, PSA Art Awakenings indicated as a goal.

CASII - Score (Child & Adolescent Service Intensity Instrument) Score of 4 & higher requires ARCP.